About MoXenial Consulting

MoXenial Consulting is a comprehensive security and trial consulting firm headed up by a highly credentialed and nationally recognized security/law enforcement professional, retired FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Brenda Moxley, who after 26 years of sworn law enforcement service with the FBI decided to empower private sector firms to take control of their organization’s security and shore up vulnerabilities at every level in the workplace. MoXenial Consulting will see to it that your organization will be prepared when crisis strikes and that your employees and/or family members have the confidence, through training, to execute which ultimately will save lives, save your firm’s infrastructure, physical plant and critical data, while reducing your overall liability.  MoXenial Consulting can serve as a trial consultant, providing legal support services such as witness interviews, defense strategy and trial testimony.  MoXenial Consulting also specializes in keynote speaking.


Brenda Moxley

Founder/President/CEO of MoXenial Consulting

Drawing upon her 26 years of diversified law enforcement experience with the FBI, Brenda Moxley has a proven track record of being proactive in identifying solutions to potential risks. Ms. Moxley has a reputation for integrity and dedication, and is recognized in her field for strong leadership and effective program management.

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