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Whether you need a thoughtful speaker for your company gathering to provide an overview of the security risks and typical business vulnerabilities, or you need an inspiring motivational speaker to address the empowerment of the women executives in today’s boardroom or something in-between, Brenda Moxley is available to make your next event meaningful and insightful as the keynote speaker or as an expert panelist.

MoXenial Consulting provides a unique perspective to help understand potential security vulnerabilities in the workplace, home, or school and can develop a strategic plan with real solutions to mitigate the risk. By investing in an evaluation and following recommendations, you can increase safety awareness, increase asset protection and ultimately reduce liability. Your employees or family will be empowered through the confidence they will gain through safety and awareness training, having a best-practice plan, and living or working in a safer environment.  By being proactive and employing some of our services outlined below you can reduce risk and the potential threat environment and thereby be less likely to be in a situation that you are unprepared for.  We will work to develop individualized safety and security procedures that are tailored to meet your specific needs and that are right for you. Our recommendations include many no-cost and low-cost solutions.

Presentations and Seminars

Brenda Moxley is qualified to give presentations and training on topics such as transitioning and training for women executives, leadership, building high-performance teams, integrating technology and policing. Ms. Moxley and her team have also developed presentations and training programs for physical and cyber safety and can train your personnel on situational awareness and safety and security in the workplace, home or school. Follow-on group or individual mentoring sessions can be arranged.

Site Visits and Security Assessments 

In order to determine your risk and vulnerability, a detailed Security Assessment is vital.  MoXenial Consulting utilizes a risk assessment process to properly evaluate your facility and procedures. This will enable you to promote an environment of safety and confidence among your employees, staff, or family. Upon completion of our site visit and security assessment, we will provide you with a comprehensive written report of observations and options for consideration to improve any safety or security issues. Our in-depth evaluations are tailored to meet your needs and are customized for your business, school, home and special event.  We are also available to assist with implementation and subsequent training.

Trial Consultant

At MoXenial Consulting, our trustworthy experts possess specialized knowledge, skills, experience, training and education that can assist you with developing your defense strategy and case preparation before you enter the courtroom. We can conduct witness interviews and provide expert or summary testimony at trial. Our team’s knowledge and practical experience will assure you are prepared for depositions or trial. All matters are handled professionally and with the strictest confidentiality.

Legal Support Services:

  • Locate and interview witnesses
  • Assist with case development & gathering evidence
  • Provide written statements
  • Prepare reports
  • Assist with settlement negotiations
  • Testify at depositions or trial
  • Insider threat investigations

Corporate and Personal Safety Awareness Training

  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Staff Training
  • Empower your personnel through crime prevention strategies
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Training tailored to meet your individual needs
  • Active Shooter Training
    • Education
    • Table-top exercises
    • Drills

Security Compliance Policy
and Protocols

A thorough security assessment and evaluation can provide assurance that your organization has up-to-date emergency and security plans in place to mitigate existing risks, which may include, but not be limited to:

  • Conduct on-site interviews with decision makers, security personnel, and any other stakeholder to gain a deep understanding of your current security posture and any safety concerns you may have
  • Our team of experts can conduct a thorough on-site review of your facility and perimeter
  • We can review existing emergency plans, evacuation plans, and crisis communications plans
  • We can provide verbal and written feedback on existing security plans
  • We can make recommendations to improve security and provide you with protocols, procedures, guidelines, and best practices
  • We will provide you with a report detailing our observations and considerations for improvement and personally review all evaluation results with you
  • We can provide assistance with the implementation process
  • We can also conduct quarterly reviews so as to assure proper implementation but also to adjust the Security Protocols based on current information and threats
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