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In April 2017, Brenda Moxley of MoXenial Consulting Inc., was invited to speak at SPIK Conference in Switzerland. SPIK is an annual conference and national platform for the exchange of experiences on the topics of police informatics, leadership and use communication and the fight against cybercrime. Every year the who’s who of the Swiss Police ICT world gather in the Champion’s Lounge at the Stade de Suisse soccer stadium in Bern, Switzerland to showcase the latest and greatest in police technology. Ms. Moxley spoke on behalf of Hitachi systems.

As part of the conference, MoXenial Consulting’s CEO Brenda Moxley presented on the current state of the world where terrorism, theft, violence, life, and health are endangered, and ever more serious material damage is increasingly worrying people. The global events have now led the law enforcement agencies to move from a reactive to a proactive approach. Today, many authorities routinely rely on information gathering as part of their investigations. This transition to “predictive policing”, the predictive police work, is dependent on reliable data sources. Data integration platforms such as Hitachi Visualization can span an effective “digital screen” across a company, residential or city, creating a consolidated process for identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities, and delivering real-time solutions.

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Ms. Brenda Moxley is a retired executive-level former special agent with 26 years of experience with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Ms. Moxley’s portfolio includes experience working criminal, counterterrorism, international operations, and national security mattersTo request Ms. Moxley to be the Keynote Speaker at your event or conference, please call (954) 553-3141.

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